FF new event and best upcoming FF event for rewards in your FF game in 2022

Today my aim is to inform you about FF New Event and Best Upcoming Event 2022 For in game ff rewards. This will be a great topic for every ff event lover.

If you want to collect free fire rewards in your in game id then you should definitely follow the steps for FF game rewards like animations, effects, free fire emotes, vouchers, FF diamonds etc and you need to know about FF new event and best upcoming FF event. We know getting free fire’s rewards in our id is not a very easy task. So I want to give you the proper way to get some great virtual ff rewards in your id with the help of FF new event and best upcoming FF event.

We’ll discuss everything about the FF new event and best upcoming FF event. A free fire player like me is really excited when hears the name of getting this virtual in game rewards. If we think about a second for virtual diamond ! These virtual diamonds have no value in our real life but every free fire player and free fire MAX game player like me loves this game reward too much because this game is an emotion.


So without taking to much I want to focus on the main topic that how can these FF new event and Best upcoming FF event can help us to get rewards.

Free Fire new event and Upcoming FF events For FF and FF max player

Now I’m going to tell you some best FF new event and best upcoming FF event of free fire. Every legendary items can be collected with the help of ff diamonds so how you can get ff diamonds by FF diamond generator ! the information is also covered in my another post so the topic is very helpful for a FF player.

  1. The EVO FF new Event
  2. Booyah day FF new event
  3. The Free fire EMOTEs Party ff new Event
  5. TOP up ff new event
  6. New mode event
  7. Refer your friend, popular ff new event
  8. 1st time Play new map NEXTERRA
  9. Daily guild quest ff event
  10. MAGIC CUBE event
  11. Gift store 50% discount event
  12. Gift of light event
  13. Light Royale ff new event
  14. Gather The Light Event
  15. Invite friends
  16. New mode ff event

You’ll be wondering to see the FF new event and best upcoming FF event list. If you follow all the missions and complete all the missions then we could definitely get a good amount of ff diamonds and other game rewards as well.

Actually, these type of FF new event and best upcoming FF event can easily grab our attention so the free fire game development company Garena always focus on new ff events to give us properly in-game feelings.

Through those events, FF company tried to focus on engaging us with a great gaming experience. The free fire new FF event or upcoming events is not only for improving the FF game environment but it can also give us awesome game rewards. Through FF new event and best upcoming FF event, we’re introduced to new maps, characters, and their abilities, features, etc.


FF New Event and upcoming event’s Rewards: Awesome FF rewards lists

There is a huge list of rewards are present in this Free fire and free fire MAX game during new ff events. We just need to follow and complete all the steps to get all the game game rewards.

But we have to remember one thing that FF new events are time and date specified so there is no meaning if we complete any event after the time line.

  1. Booyah Bundle from ff new event
  2. Free fire Emotes
  3. Effects
  4. Arrival animation (SUPERJOCK DASH)
  5. Backpack
  6. Diamond royal voucher
  7. Outfit bundle
  8. Guild token
  9. FF diamonds from ff new event

Potential X Booyah bundle ff new event

I think you may guess that the motive of this potential X booyah event. How much skillful or efficient you’re during playing the Free fire game. The more efficient you’re, the more you can achieve stars and the stars are the keys to get in-game rewards.

How to get in-game rewards from this FF new event?

To get the in-game rewards, you have to join first and also you’ve to complete matches. The process for joining in this potential event is very simple. You just need to follow the game rules. Go to the FF’s events section to find this event.

  1. You have to achieve stars. So complete matches to earn 3 stars.
  2. After collecting the 3 stars your in-game rewards will be unlocked
  3. From 1 to 5, there are a total 5 dimensions and each dimensions are linked with 3 types of matches.
  4. The more you can achieve stars, the more matches you can play.
  5. This way you can also gain your skills and ability.

Potential X Booyah bundle details: After opening the event you’ll get a yellow box. The other in-game rewards are Memory fragments, foods, golden royale voucher, skyboard, prism shine, leg pockets, universal fragments, sprintstar bundle etc

FF new event or FF max new event: EVO Event

The EVO event is an awesome event of FF. This is an ongoing new event of free fire. There are several rewards are present in this EVO event. This is a spin based new FF event. You can also remove 2 items which you don’t like. In the spin part there are a total 10 items. So after removing 2 items, there are 8 items remain and our chances to get legendary and epic items will increase.

Here one thing you can remember that if you get any item already through the event then next time the rewarded item can’t repeated.

How To Join this ff new event

  1. First open the game and look at the middle right side where a calendar type symbol you’ll see.
  1. Touch on that symbol. Then you’ll enter the ff event section. There are different types of events will show with different names. Just follow where “EVENTS” is present. Just again touch it.
  2. Now check the ” EVO EVENT” name. When you check the name you can also check that particular event is specified by “FADED WHEEL”
  3. Now enter to this event and spin.

NOTE: This is not a free event. You’ve to spend FF diamonds to do the spin. Now getting FF diamonds generator is really possible or not in our free fire game, then you can check my other posts. You can get a great idea to collect this virtual FFdiamonds.

Celestial Flight: New FF event


This is an ongoing FF new event. You’ll get eye catching animation effect, rewards during this FF new event if you spin the wheel. When you join with your crews then the rewarded special effect will display to everyone.

You can also remove 2 items before spinning the faded wheel. But you need in-game diamonds to spin. I have also written a post Free fire diamond generator for getting some small amount of FF diamonds. If you’re able to collect FF diamonds then you can easily spin and get those rewards in the game.

How To Join In This Celestial Flight FF event?

The best attractive part of this FF new event is its animation effect. Which can grab others attention. There are some steps to be followed to enter this new ff event. I’m going to discuss it.

  1. First open the game and look at the middle right side where a calendar type symbol you’ll see.
  2. Touch on that symbol. Then you’ll enter the ff event section. There are different types of events will show with different names. Just follow where “EVENTS” is present. This EVENTS part is present on the upper left corner. Just again touch it.
  3. Now check the “ARRIVAL ANIMATION”. As you can easily guess with the event name that what you can get from here.
  4. Now enter to this event.

Rewards From ff’s new event “Celestial Flight

You’ll get the most exciting reward like celestial Flight animation which previously described and you can also get virtual in-game backpack, Royale voucher, material, diamond royale voucher etc

Light Pass ff new event

Light pass is one of the best FF new event. Why this is best! We have to use only 99 diamonds to participate in this event.

How To Join This ff event?

Joining in this event is very simple. We just need to follow some steps like previous events.

  1. First open the game and look at the middle right side where a calendar type symbol you’ll see.
  2. Touch on that symbol. Then you’ll enter the ff event section. There are different types of events will show with different names. Just follow where “EVENTS” is present. Just again touch it.
  3. Now check the ” LIGHT PASS” ff event.
  4. Tap on that event. Now use 99 FF game’s virtual diamonds to participate the event.

Rewards From light pass event

  1. You have to enter everyday total 7 days to collect daily log in bonus
  2. You have to play everyday to collect other rewards like Gloo Wall reward, Bagpack, The last box reward etc.
  3. You can also get rewards from spinning the wheel.

How to get free spin chance in this ff new event?

You just need to play match after joining the event. Then every match you play, you’ll get a chance. If you’re able to collect total 20 chances then you’ll get all spin rewards. So you have to play total 20 matches which is very easy task.


You can get free Voucher for playing this map. This reward is for those players who have not played this map before.

How To Join This NEXTERRA ff new event?

You can participate to this new ff event easily. You just need to go to the EVENTS section from your game lobby. You can enter to this event by 2 ways.

  1. Your lobby’s middle right side where you’ll find a calendar symbol.
  2. Simply touch there to enter the EVENTS part.
  3. Check NEXTERRA
  4. Again enter there.
  5. Now the 2 way is so simple. If you’re in the game lobby then you can check a slide show on the upper left side.
  6. Check one by one to find the “NEXTERRA MAP” FF new event.
  7. Now just touch on that NEXTERRA event.

As you can easily understand that the second process is very simple. Now if you can’t find the event on the slide show then you can try the 1st method.

Rewards : If I talk about the rewards then you can only get voucher here and with that voucher you can get rewards.

Refer A Friend FF new event

This is also a very popular event of the ff game. You don’t have to play a single match to get those rewards. Sound interesting! Yes, it’s true. You don’t have to do too much to get FF rewards. So what you’ve to do? You have to refer your friend.


How To join this ff new event and refer your friend?

You can refer your friends with some steps. But steps are very easy to understand.

  1. From your game lobby go to EVENTS
  2. Find Refer A Friend event
  3. Open the event
  4. Now you have to write the UID of your newbie friend.
  5. Remember your newbie friend’s level must be below 5.
  6. After the successful refer, you’ll get rewards.
  7. You don’t have to do anything later. Because your friend will play match and you’ll get rewards.

What we can get from this FF event?

The rewards are great. When your friend reach to level 14 then you’ll get all the rewards. When your friend reach to level 5 then you’ll get 1 reward then level 7, level 9, level 14. Each of the above level your friend achieve and you’ll get reward in the FF game. So this FF event is really great.

ff new event: Guild daily quest

This ff new event is totally depending on the guild member. Because you’ve to play games with guild members. You’ve complete a game with your guild members to get guild boxes. Remember one thing without guild member’s help we can’t achieve in game rewards.

If you complete your daily quest then you can get guild tokens. You can also get guild tokens by opening guild boxes. So you can easily participate in this event.

Upcoming Booyah FF new event

Its one of the best event I’ve seen. I personally love this event. No matter whether I play ff game or only watch the stream! I’m able to get rewarded by playing FF game or watching the gameplay of other player. So its really cool.

You just need to sign up on booyah app and after watching any live matches, you can get rewards. If you’re a very good player then you can also get FF rewards. The best part of this event is, it continuously run so there always a great chance to get in game rewards.

FF’s Upcoming New Mode Event details

Now I’m going to share some upcoming events of Free fire. If you know that what events are coming then you can get a good idea that what type of rewards you can get from those events.

There are also some extra benefits of those upcoming events like the chances of entering to the upcoming events will be low. So you would not miss any rewards.

  • Big Head upcoming ff event
  • Spray Event
  • Cosmic Racer upcoming ff event
  • (RAM) United upcoming ff event
  • (CON) Crunch Event

Disclaimer: All the events that is running or upcoming are depending on the time and date. I (Theinfobuddy.com) don’t have any control over it. Those events are depending on the FF game developer. For this reason, this information is provided here is just an advice from my side So that visitors can get a good idea. As I (Theinfobuddy.com) have no control over these ff events or rewards, Theinfobuddy.com is not responsible for anything in that regard.


I hope you understand that how to join in those events. The above events are very popular but there are also other ff new events are present and I’ll also cover those. I’ll also inform you with my posts about new and upcoming ff events. Thanks a lot.

How to join an FF new event?

Its really very simple. You have to open your FF game and you have to go to the events section. Just select any event and play.

Did FF events really give in-game rewards?

Yes, FF events really give in-game rewards.

Which ff event is great or best to get rewards?

Every event is great for their own feature but BOOYAH day and BOOYAH watch to win is a great ff event for getting ff rewards.

What are the upcoming ff new events?

Big Head upcoming ff event
Spray Event
Cosmic Racer upcoming ff event
(RAM) United upcoming ff event
(CON) Crunch Event

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